Race Day Check List

Aberfeldy Tri – Race Day Checklist

Did you know that the brain’s short-term memory can only remember about 7 things at one time? As you will need more than 7 items for your triathlon, a race day check list is essential!

Here’s our guide to what you might need for the Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon or any other triathlon for that matter. The items in red will be mandatory for Aberfeldy, some will be essential, and others are down to personal preference or “nice to have.”


Race Licence (Race licence required for eligibility to National Championships)

Day Licence (Purchased with entry, no proof required)

Photo ID

Please make sure that the race organiser has your up-to-date emergency information too.


Tri Suit


Goggles (bring 2 pairs; one plain and one tinted – you never know! – and then you have a spare pair)

Additional swim cap – neoprene if you prefer. We provide a swim cap according to your wave time which you must wear over your own cap.

Wetsuit Lubricant

Ear plugs and nose clip if you use them.

Garmin/Training watch



Bike Helmet – no helmet, no race!

Cycle shoes


Race Number Belt

Bike Water Bottles

Nutrition for the Bike – Please ensure you start off with your own Nutrition on the bike.

Basic Bicycle repair kit, including inflator.

Sunglasses (put these in your helmet for easy access)

Towel for transition


Running shoes


Sun Cream

Midge repellent


After the Race

Warm Clothing

Extra towel

Fresh socks and trainers!

Post race snacks


Other things you might want to bring are a bike pump which you can leave in the car. Make sure that you bring any medication that you use regularly and don’t forget to take it. It’s easy to forget on race weekend as you will be out of your routine.

Don’t forget your phone and, on the morning of the race, and don’t forget the race day pack with the timing chip that we gave you on the Saturday!


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